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The Yearbook of Biological Anthropology is an annual publication of the

American Association of Biological Anthropologists.


Yearbook articles are long-form pieces that provide in-depth coverage of the

most salient issues in Biological Anthropology.


Articles range from scientific pieces that fall squarely within life science models of Biological Anthropology,

to theoretical ones that challenge the discipline to see itself in more expansive ways.



Our Vision


Inclusiveness & Intersectionality

The Editors-in-Chief are particularly interested in submissions that take inclusive approaches

to bioanthropological scholarship. That is, pieces that are intersectional in terms of

the questions asked, interpretive frameworks engaged, and theoretical orientations reflected.

While the articles published in the Yearbook contribute to scientific epistemologies,

the journal embraces a multi-field approach to knowledge-building.

Yearbook manuscripts therefore can engage either quantitative or qualitative approaches.

We also encourage scholars to broaden the knowledge base on which they situate their research by considering, for example, more inclusive citational practices or Indigenous frameworks. Doing so will help expand the types of studies that are given authority in our field.



We encourage pieces that would be transformational for the ethical and equitable

practice of Biological Anthropology.

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