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Yearbook Editors-in-Chief 


Sheela Athreya


(PhD 2003, Washington University in St. Louis)

is an associate professor of anthropology

at Texas A&M.


Her research focuses on Middle and Late Pleistocene hominin evolution and systematics. She is particularly interested in evolutionary processes that shaped early Homo sapiens in South and East Asia, and conducts fieldwork in India and China. In addition, she publishes on critical issues of race, colonialism, and representation in Biological Anthropology.

Graciela Cabana


(PhD 2002, University of Michigan - Ann Arbor)

is an associate professor of anthropology at the University of Tennessee - Knoxville.

Her research studies the human genome

within a biosocial context,

drawing insights from the disciplines of history, archaeology, philosophy of science, science and technology studies, and human evolutionary studies.

She conducts fieldwork primarily in Argentina but also other parts of Latin America.

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